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Our Services

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Boyd’s Welding Service in Gonzales provides a variety of services for businesses and homeowners.

General & Aluminum Welding

Our welders are experts at welding aluminum for completing, modifying, and repairing aluminum machinery, tools, and structures. Just a few of the many applications include steel pipes, ventilation systems, aluminum plates, aluminum mailboxes, fences or gates.

Trailer & Boat Repairs

Boyd’s Welding Services also repairs trailers and boats through specialized welding techniques. Boats and trailers are subjected to full submersion in water, extreme weather, river rock, seaweed, and more, which can lead to rust, dents, chips, and cracks. We have the tools to repair your trailer and boat, from smoothing out minor scratches to fusing parts together to restore cracked or broken areas. We can come out to your garage, boat launch, campsite, or other location and complete these welding repairs on the spot so you can get back on the water.

Cavitation Plate Repairs

Cavitation plates are found on the outboard motors on all boats. We can repair broken corners, cracks, and dents. Don’t get sidelined by these types of repairs—we’ll have your boat ready for the water again in no time.

Outboard Skegs

Also part of many fishing and pontoon boats, outward skegs are part of your drive system and keep your boat moving quickly throughout the water. We can repair chipped, cracked, or broken skegs to restore your steering system’s rudder function and maintain a safe level of torque. We have the equipment and parts needed to make minor and major repairs. Our mobile welding service will ensure you won’t miss a day on the water.

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